Windows phone operating system pros and cons

Windows 10 Mobile was released to the first smartphones in November , and continued delivering releases to eligible devices in March Built with an emphasis on enhancing the user experience, the Windows 10 operating system offers the following pros:. But remember: What one user views as a negative, another may view positively. The below is simply an overview of what objective reviewers have deemed to be OS deficiencies. Below is a quick rundown of the cons of the Android OS — both of the OS as a whole and specific to 7. Considering switching to Windows Phone?

Although growing in popularity, the Windows OS still lags significantly behind the others.

The Pros & Cons of the major mobile operating systems

What are its major drawbacks? See if these updates will sway you towards one OS over another. Users had the chance to upgrade to iOS With no more swiping to unlock the phone — swiping right brings a redesigned notifications screen that incorporates limited widgets, and swiping left brings you to the camera — you can now access your home screen faster.

If your car is equipped with CarPlay or a Bluetooth stereo, iOS 10 can help you find your parked car. Third-party developers can also now develop features for Siri, so they can connect their apps to the digital assistant for things like booking transportation, making payments and starting workouts.

iOS, Android, or Windows: What's the Best Mobile Operating System? | The Whiz Cells

And iOS now offers the Night Shift feature that tints your screen at night to calm your brain and ease into sleep. Android users saw 72 new emoji — bringing the total to more than 1, — with 7. Are you a multitasker? The new OS lets you run two apps side by side, quickly switch between apps and see things in new dimensions: Users of this OS experienced the anniversary update for Windows 10 Mobile, and it came with numerous features.

From taking panoramic shots and accessing the camera from the lock screen to quick and easy browsing through the Microsoft Edge browser and access to Cortana — the personal digital assistant — getting things done has never been easier. Some devices can now power a second screen — like a TV or monitor — through Continuum. And you can prioritize your notifications in the Action Center to ensure the most important ones appear at the top of the list. As the new year draws near, anticipation mounts for what will mean for technology — and for smartphones in particular.

Devices overall are expected to be faster, thinner, more flexible — literally! Their operating systems will be expected to keep pace. Speculation on what, if any, features will be included in future releases are simply that: This authenticates connections and encrypts data transmissions, protecting your data.

As Android continues to lead the market, accounting for While there is limited use of this feature now, the enhanced drag-and-drop feature will do a lot to make your smartphone more like your home-based PC. Android, Windows or iOS? When it comes to selecting a phone, your user experience matters more than the operating system.

Should you switch operating systems? You may appreciate the seamless experience iOS offers, the flexibility of Android or the familiarity of Windows with your everyday PC. It might take some time to acclimate to a new system, so it may be best to stick with what you know.

Consider these questions to help you make the best choice:. There are certainly many options when it comes to smartphone devices. Are you thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and jumping in with both feet to an entirely new OS? Or, where both devices are utterly excellent or bad but in different ways, I've given both a 'green'! So 3mm narrower in the hand and 13g lighter than the XL, though this is mitigated a bit by the need for a case!

Less premium and bigger but very flexible in terms of repair and customisation. See my review part 2. I don't think there's any real oversampling, but you do get some lossless zoom and the file sizes are smaller! Outstanding shots in most light conditions, with just focussing issues in low light as an Achilles heel. Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update will be updated monthly through , of course, as part of the global Windows 10 ecosystem and the regular patching and fixing process.

There are no further OS branches planned by Microsoft though. Updates will effectively cease in Spring Microsoft finally got round to putting up a proper WDRT recovery image for the phone, but now that the Insiders programme has dropped Anniversary Update, you need to do a little hacking to get the phone up to this FCU.

Pros And Cons Of Windows Phone In 2018: Is It True That The End Of The Era Has Come?

Ditto, monthly updates well into and then that's it. Though apps aren't going to stop working after that and I doubt that malware will be an issue, given the mobile platform's low target size. Adding up the green 'wins' now gives a score draw, giving numbers to the 'pros and cons all round' feeling I get when considering which of these to use as my Windows 10 Mobile flagship.

And then I lose the headphone jack, which is a showstopper. And I'd have to use iOS, which is an even bigger showstopper, for me personally. What's your own verdict for these two? More modern, more premium versus customisability and a better camera. It's certainly a very tough call! See your local version for pricing. The multi-tasking system is better elsewhere, but most tasks can be achieved without having to be a genius. Speaking of tasks, Windows Phone really does glide along nicely regardless of the list of specs behind it.

Whereas Android performance can vary wildly much less these days, to be fair at different price points, Windows Phone is pleasingly consistent. Windows Phone does have a few foibles, but it has always been one of the most reliable operating systems we've used - and now, the functionality is little off the pace of Android and iOS. In some areas it's ahead. We can't help but like the uncomplicated approach to smartphones. Musically gifted. Forget iTunes for one second. The software is terrible and you have to buy every song, which seems dated in a world occupied by the likes of Spotify and Xbox Music , the latter being Microsoft's music service that was once known as Zune.

The majority of our 25, song music collection was acquired for the cost of two beers. More often than not, you can hear about an album and download it straight to your Windows Phone, Xbox or computer within minutes. The library of song isn't the biggest, but it's certainly impressive. There are, of course, caveats to a digital-only library. While you can download music until your ISP sends you angry letters about bandwidth usage and your hard drive fills up there's no limit on Microsoft's part , you lose ownership of the music once you stop paying for the Music Pass.

Essentially, you are renting the tracks. It's either complete ownership, or an all-you-can-eat buffet of digital music. The downside is that Microsoft seems intent on breaking Xbox Music whenever it can. The latest update, for instance, loads up lists of artists and albums more slowly than before. Still, hopefully things can get back on track with new functionality and improved performance in a later update, because nothing says progress like using Cortana to listen to a track and then downloading an entire back catalogue of an artist you have just discovered.

Read any Windows Phone review and it will usually be soured by the lack of apps. Sadly it is an unfortunate reality that, compared with Android and iOS, it is less equipped. Most of the major bases are covered Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , but there are still gaps in the marketplace.

You can have a whale of a time with the games provided and some of the Windows Phone apps are arguably better than their Android and iOS counterparts.

Windows Phone Review, Our Take On WP7

It's just most developers still prioritise the competition for financial reasons. Anyone who wants to try out the latest and greatest crazes will need to look at iOS first and Android second.

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For those who rarely use apps or know what they need is already covered, it's a non-issue. In Windows Phone's defence, you can at least try out a lot of apps and games before parting with cash. Cortana is a voice assistant.

News, reviews, information and apps for Windows Phone.

The name comes from a character in the highly successful Halo video game series, and is Microsoft's answer to Siri and Google Now. Basically you can ask Cortana questions such as "should I wear shorts?

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At the moment its functionality is limited, much like Siri and Google Now. Cortana is unable to start up using your voice, which renders it a bit useless in the car, for starters. Still, it can prove useful and is another show of force for the platform. Much of the world runs and uses Microsoft products. Word and Excel are, for example, incredibly popular bits of software.