Best iphone app card scanner

I ingested around old business cards in maybe hours. The app crashed times but to no ill effect. Parsing of card content was sometimes inconsistent for the same card. Character recognition was by no means perfect. But all in all it worked like a charm and since my personal use is purely archival and it stores the original image to refer to it is just fine. Better than fine. A few hundred cards to go and then I will never store another and will return from trips and shows card free!!

Just two incredibly stupidly designed business cards out of failed to ingest! Also knowing where and when you ingested the card is terrific.


Great app in terms of utility value. Fair subscription cost. Thank you for taking time to share your opinion with others. Know that we strive that every customer will receive products and services that exceed their expectations and your honest feedback surely will help other people to learn about the product.

5 apps to help you digitally organize business cards

Thank you for being with us: App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iMessage Apple Watch. Looking forward to your reviews on the App Store!

ABBYY team. Looking forward to your feedback on the App Store. Image from the camera is smoother now, which allows recognizing business cards even better.

Beyond Image Capture

Image from the camera is more smooth now, which allows to recognize business cards even better. BCR is now fully compatible with iOS 12, if you still have any doubts, surely update.

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Tap Search button to find your new contact in social media. The most likely profiles are ranked higher in the search results. Connect social media accounts to your new contact in 3 easy steps: If the contact does not have a photo, it will be added from Facebook.

In this latest release, we have fixed many small issues and made some improvements. Major changes from the last releases: And the traditional request, please rate our work in a fresh positive review on the App Store. What's new: No extra taps are needed to review and edit your new contact. In this latest release, we made a few improvements and bug fix.

Performance tuning. Stability improvement.

Best iPhone Business Card Readers/Scanners: Apps That Scan Business Cards Accurately

In this release, we fixed the issue with rating screen. Major changes from last release: Please share with us your feedback, comments, and questions here on the App Store. We will be happy to help you!

In this release, we present our new business card editor. Recognized fields are automatically highlighted on the image of the business card for easy check and verification. Even long text fields are fully displayed.

The 6 Best Business Card Scanner Apps to Digitalize Contacts and Stay in Touch

We are also introducing our new smart search on Facebook and LinkedIn: Let me guess—leave them in your bag and forget about them until the next tradeshow rolls around. Not such an effective networking tool after all. Good news: There are plenty of apps that will help you stay on top of your business card stash by quickly digitizing them and adding the relevant information to your virtual rolodex your Contacts list.

We tried out five to find out which one makes the best business card butler. CamCard is one of the fastest apps we tried—it snaps card photos automatically and flattens the photo into a readable image. It also offers a batch mode, where you can take successive snaps of multiple cards. This app is fairly accurate at translating card data to contact information, and it can read multiple layouts though it frequently mixes up company, department, and job title.

It can automatically translate phone numbers with extensions into a phone-readable format with commas , and it can decipher social media handles. The app has a robust web interface, where you can manage contacts categorize or delete them, or merge duplicate cards efficiently. Overall, CamCard is a solid app with minor, understandable flaws. The app features a cloud-based database that can be synced across devices, and you can also upload all contact information into your local Contacts list. CamCard also lets you upload your own card and add augmented reality features, such as a headshot or a video introduction, which other CamCard users will be able to see, should they ever scan your card.

The app does let you share your card digitally with users via QR code or through its Card Radar, a feature that alerts you to nearby CamCard users.

Scanning Business Cards into Your iPhone

This app also offers better in-app management tools: You can mass- categorize, email, text, share, or delete contacts from within the app itself. It frequently messes up addresses it almost never separates the street from the city and it occasionally places periods where there should be none. The app comes in two versions: