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Accepted Jan 26 th , Since HTML5 has become open to the public many developers have been. This research paper will evaluate new HTML5. We highlight WebGL, Canvas and. WebSockets, which have given develope rs the opportunity to flaunt their.

Core HTML5 Canvas: Graphics, Animation, and Game Development

Copyright Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science. It was vastly different to its predecessor s. Before the release. W3C believed the future of the web lay wit h XML and thus froze their. Web Applications 1. With HTML5 now in a working draft form and offering stacks of new exciting features develo pers have. With the release of HTML5 to simplify developing for the web many new elem ents were added,. Previous to HTML 5 playing m edia on a browser. For example playing a Flash game requires Adobe.

Althoug h HTML5 is not w ithout faults most see it as a huge leap forward for. Its release plays a vital role how web games are developed. Recently there has been a. The Canva s element provides a way for deve lopers to draw and manipulate 2D. Wit h the can vas element 2D games can be easily implemented and. Websites such as. This could potentially make web browsers a valid gam ing platform,. WebSocke t technology provides full-duple x bi-directional. For example web based games will be able to provide instant interactions with game objects.

Combining Canvas and WebSockets. This paper will. The main focus will be on prev ious technologies that may now become deprecated. The HTML 5 draft brings about substa ntial changes to the current web standards, from supporting static. Although some features such as WebSockets are not strictly a.

Most research will still refer to. Man y developers have already begun using canvas to manipulate or. Although this does. Graphical manipulation can. This however is not really the case with SVG handling particular aspects. As the name suggests SVG is used to. The advantages of drawi ng. You can see how SVG appears to be advantageous in this aspect of.

Canvas differs in this aspect; i t would perceive th e area under the red circle to be non-existent similar. This might sound like a huge problem but due to the previous point th at canvas. At this point it would seem that SVG is the. Due to. Canvas hardwa re acceleration tasks the gra phics card GPU with the. The se improvements can. As most web based games are currently aimed at casual. The majority of casual ga mes are now being developed on canvas; this is because cas ual games. Games created mostly.

Client Side code can be e asily obtained and altered by ot her. A solution t o this is to. When used in the right scenarios canvas and SVG are both. Facebook are created using Adobe Flash Professional. Adobe Flash Professional is a multimedia authoring. The main disadvantage of fl ash is that it. Flash has been used for the creation of some massive titles such as. Zyngas Farmville, which at its peak reached around 80 mil lion users [5].

It shows that flash is one of the. Moving to HTML5. Apple has refused to support fl ash for years with the companies. These were the reasons he refused to support flash. HT ML5 would finally offer a way to reach the apple user. Flash is and always will be an attr active design tool; it reaches a wide audience due to its.

Not all game de signers want t o write endless amounts of code and. Adobe Edge is the latest release from the Adob e labs, this exciting tool allows the creation of animations. Its features a ppear to be much more future-proof. Most import antly though. Adobe have acknowledged the massive, rapi d expansion of handheld and tablet de vices with Adobe Edge. At present Adobe Edge does not yet offer anything close to. However it. Hype is an other potential design tool f or game creation, with. Alt hough hype has stated it offers. T his problem alone shows t hat hype is much less future proof t han the.

Adobe are. The current version is more of a preview with additional features being added quite. This will be discussed in more detail. HTML5 Canvas does offer other substantial benefits over other technologies; one of the most exciting. Direct X. WebGL provides cross platform capabilities allowing the development of 3D games on most. Drawing primitives. Developers of Googl e have been showin g off the potential for WebGL in games by displaying.

Games must be an immersive experience for t he player to get the most. Immersion cannot occur when the game is surround ed by a brightly coloured web-. Some Web browsers have recently implemented a full screen feature to cater for an.

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The browsers without full. WebGL faces many problems in relation to en tering the mobile device m a rket, problems that range. Their GPU layer within the. It has been rumoured that Sandybridge hybrids will be integrated into new Android phones and. As mentioned earlier creating 3D games with WebGL will be a difficult task,.

Libraries such as SpiderGL will require. WebGL has been frequently criticis ed concerning certain security issues, predo minantly.

(PDF) The Future of Web and Mobile Game Development

Microsoft have decided due to these securi ty risks they will. Thi s could lead to WebGL becomi ng less popular, or. The Mo zilla Company creators of the web browser OS. Before the Internet can see the rise of rich 3D content several securi ty problems will need to. With hardware acceleration and WebGL being the technol ogies that are most likely to shape how.

WebGL has the potential for 3D gam es to take off rapidly in the casual gaming market , with new and. Innovative WebGL games could flood the. World Wide Web from social networkin g sites to web browsers; many have al ready been created as was. It is important to note that WebGL is still in its infancy and it is no t expected to populate.

With the ability for flash to target mobile platforms so. This still however does not. Althou gh Adobe has added some very innovative feat ures how will. Stage3D is the answer, Stage3d or Molehill is the name given to a. The newest releases of the Flash platforms. Stage3D can leverage GP U hardware acceleration enabling it to offer huge. That said though suggests it w ill also encounter similar problems to WebG L due to. On e key feature it offers is the ability to create hardware. This is obtainabl e due to an abundance of Frameworks and Libraries. Bringing an element of simplicity to 3D design will enable Adobe to cater for.

For the more technical de velopers who want to create their. Adobe have created an. The IDE offered in Adobe is a very distinguished feature offering an attractive way to. The 3D Asset-Centric interface offered is a huge. Unity [12] offers console-like graphics on mobile platforms as shown in figu re 2, as well as offering.

It is an Asset-Centric games engine focusing more on the. JavaScript, Boo or C it also offers the developer multiple languages for sc ript implementation. Not only. Un ity have recently announced t hat they. These two technologies. Not much. HTML5 has some addition al features that when used. Figure 2: Normal web communication is achieved us ing HTTP, the problem with this is that it o nly allows. HTTP com munications also requires constant web pa ge requests. This results in sl ow communication betwee n c lient and server.

HTML5 Mobile Game Development Tutorial, Adding Audio

These technologies attempt to. Comet uses methods such as long-pollin g or streaming, these methods however still involve. This enables true full-duplex, bidirectional connections, what this signifies is the ability to create. WebSockets portray a massive advancem ent for real time. Although WebS ockets do not render Ajax completely obsolete they do however. Orig inally WebSockets were implemented into all web. This security issue has been correct ed in the latest version of th e WebSocket protocol, which means we can. WebGL is incredible, a number of games have already been created displaying di fferent creative features.

The game is in fact quite enjoyable and shows the. Another game which adds to this theory is the online social chatting game. The real time chat.

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Using WebSockets in these games shows the availability of real time collision. The Pusher API [16]. Figure 3: Rawkets [17] Figure 4: Rumpetroll [18]. The AVES engine provided isometric games using the real time functionalities provided by. It showed a very im pressive full screen world editor for browse rs and mobile platforms. The games engine provi ded an abundance of features that would help b ring web games into a new. The most notable of these was the ability to suppor t a large number of users on the same server and the.

The engine was originally targeted at serious. Regretfully however t his engine was bought out by Zyng a. However Zynga may have bough t out this product to. If Zynga. FaceBook games are at. The AVES engi ne provides real multiplayer which is something that is not often. This was previously done using cookies, but there are several problems with this. Firstly cook ies. Another disadvantage of c ookies is that every request leads to the cookies bei ng passed to the server;. The tw o types of. Session storage will on ly store data. If a new browser window is opened the new br owser will not be able to retrieve.

If the original window is closed the data is deleted.

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Local Storage however works differen tly; data. If the original. Web Storage. Although cookies are unr eliable and if the user has cleared their internet. Although t h e size limit of local storage which. The main. The use of Web Storage has begun to show some interestin g. When a puzzle is completed a ne w browser opens with the protagoni st then appearing in the new. Another example of an except ionally unique game is Browser Pong [ 22], this game takes the.

The background fo r browser pong. Games like t his are what show us the true potential of HTM L5 by breaking the. The HTML audio element brings sound effects and musi c to games, when a certain event is triggered for. Currently ther e is. We b browsers are currently s upporting. Originally when HTML 5 audio was introduced web browse rs were to conform to use the.

This way if one codec is not supported, the prog ram will fall back to the next codec and ch eck if that is. Hopefully soon web brow sers will be able to agree on a default cod ec to. Offline applications [23] in HTML allow developers to store data in a cache manifest; the cache manifest.

We can then store all the game c ontent. Although this feature is not quite as exciting as other features in HTML5 it does have its be neficial.

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Last year the popular ebook Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook was updated and released with over new 40 pages, as well as some updates to existing content. The Book of Speed by Stoyan Stefanov is a free public domain , online, open-source, not yet finished, book about web performance. A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web aims to teach you the techniques for designing your website using the principles of graphic design. Pay Me… Or Else! It covers tactics and tips that will help you recover your hard earned money and how to avoid similar situations in the future.

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