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Leave a comment. January 10, at John says: Jasper says: January 10, at 4: Andre says: There was more work done with the microwave background radiation over time, right? With the original discovery of the CMB, they were using fairly limited technology. Trying to see microwaves through our atmosphere is not the easiest thing in the world.

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What you really want to do is get above our atmosphere. There were balloon experiments done, and it all pointed out that the background light was basically the exact same temperature no matter what direction you looked in. This meant the material that formed the background radiation was all the exact same temperature at the moment that the neutral hydrogen formed. This implies the whole universe went cold at the exact same moment as well. Scientists carefully measured over and over and over, trying to get the most exact measurements of how consistent the colour of the background radiation was.

To do it right, it was realised we really needed to launch a satellite, map the entire thing all at once consistently with the same instrument. This is where Smoot and Mather came in. They found that the entire background was exactly the same colour to one part in thousand. There are some very slight variations: These temperature variations lead to colour variations and imply there were density variations.

So there were places that were a little more dense, places that were a little less dense, and we can see that in these very careful maps of the colour of the CMB. So these slight irregularities that we see in the background point to where all the structures in our modern universe would eventually be forming. Those are very important. In fact, those are probably worth an entire episode just to themselves.

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Very small things can sometimes have really huge implications. Right, the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. It went up and it had more sensitivity than COBE had, and went in and they were able to measure that the temperature of the background radiation is 2. They made an extremely accurate map in very high detail, looking at the distribution of the sizes of these irregularities, to see how many big irregularities there were, how many small irregularities there were, how many were a little hotter or a little bit colder.

Science just builds one thing after another.

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You can never say something is true if you only have one piece of evidence. We have more than one, we know the big bang is true. This transcript is not an exact match to the audio file.

It has been edited for clarity. The absract laws and rules of the universe and existence are from his personal mind,and he simply does as he wishes…. This was a wonderful educational podcast. I wanted to get some more information and came across this podcast. Thank you. Your email address will not be published.

Another Wallpapers You Should See

People and Discoveries: How Fast is the Universe Expanding? Last week we talked about dark matter thanks to popular demand. What actually drove the expansion? How was the big bang turned up in the first place? How is the discovery further discovered? Okay, how is my television seeing light?

They found it. So those are pretty important then. Rafael January 16, The absract laws and rules of the universe and existence are from his personal mind,and he simply does as he wishes… Post a Reply. Phil Tune July 22, Post a Reply. Stars - Go, Galaxies - Go. Hubble, De-ionization underway at Pamela L. Gay - [ Poof, we have the the Big Bang rumbles the universe…. Visit Store Follow.

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