Why does my cell phone turn itself off

In such a case, place that same paper on the back of the battery between the battery and the back cover , and then put the back cover on. If you are able to make the space tight enough, it should fix the problem. There is also a chance that your battery may be damaged and improper current flow is leading to phone turning off automatically. Fortunately, it is really easy to see battery status on almost any Android phone using a secret dialer code.

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off By Itself?

If it is anything other than that, then you will have to replace the battery to stop your Android phone from shutting down automatically. This app can show battery status and also help prolong its life. Although I doubt the later promise of this app. Additionally, if your Android phone is heating up too much, then it could also be the cause of random shut down.

When the phone heats up to the point it could damage the components, it will automatically turn off. This even happens if you are not using the phone and it is just lying around. There are many fixes to the Android heating problem and you can follow my extensive guide to fixing a heating Android phone to fix this problem. If you are using such a phone case, then use the phone without it to see if it fixes the problem.

There is also a chance that the power button on your phone is stuck or malfunctioning and turning the phone off. Press the power button multiple times and make sure it is working smoothly. If the button is stuck inside, then you can use a tweezer or something similar to pull it out. If there is no problem with the hardware, then it could be a problem with the software of your Android phone. Below are some solutions to solve software issues that are causing your Android to turn off randomly. To ensure that the problem is with the software of the phone, you should boot your phone in Safe Mode.

Similar to PCs, Android phones also come with a Safe Mode that allows it to boot with least system applications and no third-party applications. During Safe Mode, a rogue application or a virus will not take effect, thus allowing you to find the problem. The process of booting into Safe Mode varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Confirming this prompt will restart the phone in Safe Mode.

Once inside Safe Mode, check whether the phone is randomly shutting down or not. If the problem is fixed, then it must be a new added rogue application that is causing the issue. While still in the Safe Mode, move to the applications section in your phone settings and uninstall all the newly added applications.

Make sure to delete all the apps after which the random shutdown issue arised. Install the application and it will automatically scan and delete any viruses that may be causing this issue. This is a rather harsh option, but in most cases, it will solve all types of software related problems. Including contacts, messages, media files and applications stored in the phone memory. Make sure you have backed up all the important data before performing a factory reset. It should take minutes to completely reset the phone. After the reset process, you will again have to authenticate your Google account and few other obligations.

Your phone should work fine after the reset if it was a software problem. The above steps should be enough to fix all types of hardware and software related problems that are making your Android phone turn off automatically. If the issue still persists, then you will have to take it to a technician or to the manufacturer if it is still under warranty. They should be able to fix it or replace the phone with a refurbished one. Within the main article you indicate, as a "last resort" fix, to Backup and reset.

But, as far as I know, if after resetting you use the previous backup to restore operation, you are reinstating exactly the situation you had at the moment you backed up. Just as any backup is supposed to behave. So, at the end of the story, you would find yourself exactly with the same problem you had initially. Where am I wrong? You ask a very good question and you make a very good point.

You would not want to restore whatever was actually causing the problem back to the phone or, as you said, you would likely find yourself in the exact same situation. This includes photos, pictures, images, music, text messages, videos, etc some of which could be very important or be of great value to the individual in many circumstances. These types of files typically will not be the direct cause of a problem on an Android smartphone.

What does often cause problems is a program or piece of software that was downloaded onto the phone from a third part source. This includes Apps from the Play Store and especially Apps or programs or custom software acquired through none official sites off of the internet. While these programs might not have been intended to cause problems they might need further testing, developing or updating to work properly on your specific cell phone or its version of Android or in order to play nice with other apps and software already installed on your smartphone.

After you have performed a hard reset you could try your cell phone as a clean slate to see if the problem still exists. If it does, and your phone continues to have issues even after having everything wiped clean then the issue lies on the phone itself and you can rule out something that was put onto the phone as being the culprit. If however the phone works properly after the hard reset you could slowly start to add your backed up information to the device slowly. Adding something then trying the device, adding something else and using the device, etc. Then if you add something to your phone and the device starts to experience issues you can narrow it down to that data which was most recently added to the phone as being the cause and could act accordingly.

So you are not wrong, and I hope that this explanation helps to answer your question. Hello James, and thank you for the detailed answer. Which however implies that the problem requires a much longer effort than a simple backup and restore operation. The time it takes will depend on how much information you want or need to restore back to your cell phone. Just like a Computer you need to keep an eye on what you choose to put onto your cell phone and if you have chosen to install a lot of applications and programs you might have to weed out any that might be causing problems.

How to Fix Android Phone Screen Turn On Randomly (Auto Screen Turn On)

It really depends on the situation. The reset part is the important step as it can help remove any problematic software bad apps, viruses, bugs, corrupted or malfunctioning programs or other data, etc. Sometimes cell phones malfunction and power themselves off and never turn back on again. Some cell phones like Sony Xperia phones, some Motorola phones, and other smartphones that do not have removable batteries may allow you to do a simulated battery pull , which could help, and if your phone is one of these phones than you might want to do little bit of research to see if you can perform a simulated battery pull on your cell phone.

What have you done so far to try to resolve the issue yourself and what cell phone are you having problems with? My smathphone Panasonic P switch off automatically and its 2 months old phone. I need to remove the battery and put it to turn it on again. When it is idle automatically switch off and without removing the battery i cannot turn it on My phone will shut off at random times.

It doesn't happen often, only one or two days every once in a while. When it does happen, it doesn't come back on for a while. It will shut off and vibrate every seconds and wont turn back on. When I "fixed" it in the past, I just hit the back of the phone and then tried to turn it on.

It seemed to work then, but I want a permanent solution to this problem. Its definitely a problem with taking in power. I had it plugged in with the battery out and it still had the issues like when it was unplugged and had a battery. The phone isn't close to dead either.

It charged all night. A strange issue you have there. Something within the phone might be loose or may be malfunctioning. Hard to tell for sure but if I had to guess I would lean towards a hardware issue. Have you attempted to backup and reset your Samsung Galaxy SII just to try and rule out a problem with a bad app or a software issue? What have you done so far in order to try and resolve this annoying issue, apart from tapping the phone and apart from leaving it on the charger without the battery which was very cleaver by the way as this may have helped to rule out the battery as being the culprit.

If you cannot power the phone on at this point then backing up the data on your cell phone is unfortunately not going to be an option. Some of your cell phones information may be already backed up or may be salvageable though. Your contacts for example may have been automatically backed up to your Google Account in which case all you would need to do is visit google.

Your cell phones Calendar is another thing that might have been saved to your Google account. I am not sure if your Samsung Galaxy SII has a memory card but some information might also be saved to that card as well, depending on if you setup your phone to store pictures or save information directly to the memory card. Make sure to try to get into a good habit of backing up your cell phones information every once in a while just as a precaution. As you can see I also have this stupid frustrating problem. But after reading your article I found out my problem is serious. The battery of my phone is bad and when I put it on a flat service it keeps rocking back and forth.

Should I replace the battery or back up and reset? I am not sure what cell phone you have but replacement batteries are often surprisingly affordable, especially online at sites like Amazon , and if your current battery is misshapen or warped and as a result is malfunctioning then you should replace it. Or you could even try a hard reset for good measure before getting a replacement battery. So to answer your question - Yes, you might want to try all of those things but the order in which you try them will be entirely up to you.

It kept shutting down in my pocket but never when I left it laying on the table. I tried a battery pull, uninstalled unnecessary apps etc to no avail.

Part 2: Check the battery status on Android

Then this morning I chucked it down on the table from a height of a couple of inches and it went off. I remembered this used to be an issue with some early Nokias; due to battery contacts getting a bit weaker, which allowed the battery to move a bit. The solution then and now was to gently bend the phone's battery contact pins very slightly with a small screwdriver. With my old Nokia I also used to insert a thin piece of cardboard at the opposite end of the battery to prevent any movement and keep it pressed firmly against the contact pins. Thank you Andy for taking the time to leave such a good post on how you were able to solve this problem on your Samsung.

I am sure that other people can greatly benefit from it. My micromax canvas ego A switched off on its own. I am sure that I wasn't downloading anything. I was just reading something over Google chrome when it automatically switched off and now it's not turning on. I took the battery out several times and tried to switch it on but it didn't. Please help me, what should I do to try and fix this problem? Sorry to hear about your cell phone.

From your description it sounds like you might have just experienced the really bad luck of having a cell phone crash for no particular reason. Sometimes a phone will, without warning, turn off and refuse to ever power on again. This holds true for the battery as well; but I digress. Hi, I hope that this forum is still open and that I get a response.

It started one afternoon while on a call and now it happens almost daily.

Why Does My Phone Keep Turning Off By Itself?- opegodetubyb.tk

Sorry to hear that your Samsung is having problems and has for some reason started powering itself off. This issue can be a hard one to solve and narrowing down the exact cause can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Make sure to try ALL of the suggestions in the article above including a review of all your applications especially any apps that you might have downloaded around the same time the problem started. After the reset you can use the phone for a while in its clean, bare, and like new condition and on its default settings. Not downloading any apps or anything else for a few days if possible.

Since you mentioned this is nearly a daily occurrence you could use the phone for a couple of days and if it still powers off then you can look into your replacement options. My phone started cutting on and off yesterday. But it cut right back on, now it barley comes on at all. It seems like when I'm actually on the phone talking to someone is when it stays on, but soon as I hang up the phone cuts right back off.

My samsung galaxy trend restarts while installing an applications. Thus it doesn't finish installing. Please help on that. You have a very uncommon and difficult problem to try to solve on your Android smartphone my friend. Let me ask you some questions that might help to narrow down and hopefully help to eliminate the cause of this problem. If you are still having problems with your phone rebooting when downloading or installing an application then let me know about all of these things and I will do what I can to try and help you resolve this rare, stubborn, and extremely annoying problem.

I had a question about other possible causes for a phone shutting down. Over the past few months, the camera app frequently crashes with the message, "camera app has failed. I read on another site that sometimes low quality SD cards can cause a problem, so I removed it, but when I start an app that has permission to access the camera and SD card, my phone will turn off. I have removed the SD card, the camera app still crashes, and I will soon be reinstalling the possible problem causing app because the phone continues to turn off. Have you experienced situations where an SD card or the camera app may be the cause of a phone turning off?

If after I reinstall the potential problem-causing app the phone continues to turn off, I may do a factory reset. Also the phone worked fine for a year with this app on my phone. Apps are typically the more likely culprit as they can crash and fail, as you pointed out, and can cause phones to crash too depending on the situation. Out of curiosity have you had the opportunity to try a different SD card? Possibly even a different battery? I suggest that the first thing that you try is to make sure that all of your apps are up to date and see if that helps at all.

Your device needs a minimum amount of storage in order to run its basic functions. Click here to view steps showing you how to check how much storage space you have left. Click here to view steps showing you how to uninstall apps. Device switches off due to an unstable app.

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Third party apps can sometimes interfere with the running of your device. If your device restarts while using a particular app or if that app is running in the background , that might indicate an app is the source of the problem. You can check if this is the case by starting your device in Safe Mode as third party apps can't run in Safe Mode. Start your device in Safe Mode by powering off your device, then pressing and holding the Power key to switch the device back on.

When the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume down key until the lock screen displays. You can turn Safe Mode off again by restarting the device. Is your software up to date? Operating system updates are released periodically for your device. If you are having difficulty with your device, you should always check for updates as a fix for the problem may have been released. View steps showing you how to check for operating system updates here.

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